Gearing up for LoneStar 2 (12/4/21)

First Time Ever
Lee Moriarty vs Mysterious Q

I’ve told myself I would get better at putting my thoughts onto paper and what better way to do so than on a blog on our website.

My name is Kiefer Bartek aka The Sheriff, and I started New Texas Pro Wrestling in the Summer of 2018 with Terrale Tempo and Michael Hernandez.

Three guys born and raised in West Texas who moved to bigger cities to begin our journey in Professional Wrestling. I moved from Lubbock to Houston to train under “2X WWE Hall of Famer” Booker T. Tempo and Michael (Max Heights) started their training in San Antonio at the former Shawn Michaels Academy!

Here we are, Three and a half years later, gearing up for our biggest show of the year, LoneStar 2 in Houston at the Houston Premier Arena on December 18!

I want to discuss one of the BLOCKBUSTER matches so far, Lee Moriarty vs Mysterious Q. These two have been asking to wrestle each other for some time, and this felt like the right stage, the right platform for these two to showcase their skills. One one side, you have that unique blend of Technical Prowess and Lucha Libre that makes Moriarty so special. So special in fact, he signed with AEW since we last saw “TAIGASTYLE” in New Texas Pro in Summer of this year. But he’s facing a Texas Pillar, a man synonymous with New Texas Pro, a hybrid athletic hoss from Planet Vegeta, Mysterious Q. This one will be a lot of fun, I expect one hell of a contest so much so that we may need to redo our “Match of the Year” ballots this year at our “2021 New Texas Pro Awards”. But seriously, this one has the potential to be special, stealing the show would be underselling this matches potential. You have to be here live for this one. Trust.

We have more match announcements that we will get to soon. I’m pumped for this show. Excited to close out the incredible year that 2021 was to us with a bang. Stay tuned for more blogs like this where I share my thoughts, ideas and opinions. Take care everyone! – The Sheriff


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