Top 5 Matches at New Texas Pro Wrestling in 2021

Hello Everyone, my name is Kiefer Bartek, thank you for joining us here and visiting our site. I am doing my best to add more blogs and continue to add written content here on our site. If you might be interested in writing a blog for us, reach out and maybe we can get something going.

Now, on to the blog. I am counting down our Top 5 matches here in 2021 at New Texas Pro Wrestling in my opinion. We will be starting at numero 5 and working our way down to the best of the year!

Honorable Mentions (this ended up being much longer than I anticipated): Mysterious Q vs Calvin Tankman vs Gino Medina (2/27/21- Houston – Astroworld), Bryan Keith vs AJ Gray (4/9/21 – Tampa – Texas When I Die) , Deonna Purrazo vs Rok-C – IMPACT Knockouts Championship Match (4/9/21 – Tampa – Texas When I Die), Mike Bennett vs Mysterious Q (4/24/21 – Houston – Rodeo), Ruben Steel vs Bryan Keith – No Holds Barred (4/24/21 – Houston – Rodeo), Chris Bey vs Gino Medina (5/29/21 – Houston – Bomaye), Mysterious Q vs T-Ray vs One Called Manders vs Shogun (5/29/21 – Houston – Bomaye), Mike Bennett vs Bryan Keith (6/20/21 – True Colors – Abilene), Rok-C vs Masha Slamovich (6/26/21 – Houston – Boesch), Heather Monroe vs Rok-C (7/31/21 – Texas Indie Showcase – Houston) Rok-C vs Killer Kelly – Ring of Honor Women’s World Championship Match (9/25/21 – Houston – Olajuwon) Rok-C vs Trish Adora (11/13/21 – Dallas – Dallas41), Calvin Tankman vs Bryan Keith (11/13/21 – Dallas – Dallas41), Mysterious Q vs Stephen Wolf (11/27/21 – Houston – 25 Lighters), Bryan Keith vs Aaron Mercer 2 (11/27/21 – Houston – 25 Lighters), Mysterious Q vs Lee Moriarty (12/18/21 – Houston – LoneStar 2), Rok-C vs Gino Medina (12/18/21 – Houston – LoneStar 2), Bryan Keith vs Aaron Mercer 3 (12/18/21 – Houston – LoneStar 2)

#5 Kylie Rae vs Raychell Rose

6/26/21 – HOUSTON – BOESCH

This one was special to me for several reasons. We had an agreement with Kylie Rae to wrestle Raychell Rose right before she was set to return after her second sabbatical from the ring. We actually didn’t advertise her and kept it as a surprise, just to make sure she didn’t feel any pressure or overwhelmed by her return to wrestling.

The crowd was shocked, literally didn’t believe she was there until she came through the curtain. Brought some tears to my eyes, and the crowd chanting “welcome back”, literally shook that building. Raychell and Kylie have awesome chemistry, and they have such a great dynamic that it flowed so well through the match. I still feel this is Raychell’s best match with us, maybe this or one of the matches with Rok-C.

But now they both have a win over each other, and it feels like it time for their trilogy match. Hopefully, we can set that match here in the near future for the New Texas Pro Women’s Championship in what I’m sure will be an incredible match for both the fans and both women.

#4 Mysterious Q vs Fuego Del Sol

9/25/21 – Houston – Olajuwon

I had this penciled in for months before this matchup. I knew it would be fantastic, beautiful beautiful Professional Wrestling. And this match was planned well before Fuego was finally signed by AEW, but Fuego being signed definitely added to this match. Most nights that these two go out and wrestle, they both have a huge chip on their shoulders and literally give it everything they have.

And this matchup delivered even more than even I anticipated, as both men were on their A+ games this night. This easily could be Match of the Year in my opinion, and maybe in some people’s eyes it was (and rightfully so), the back and forth, the pace, the quickness and ingenuity of Fuego, and the otherworldly power and athleticism was on display for Q this entire match.

Side Note: I think it’s incredibly cool that Fuego and Lee Moriarty both put over Q on there way up. Both men were happy and looked forward to their matchup with Q, and I think that’s a testament to how those in the business look at Q. The next man up, and somebody who is long overdue for a contract.

#3 Rok-c vs Hyan

11/27/21 – Houston – 25 Lighters

This one was more important than I initially thought. Unbeknownst to me at the time, Rok-C was having a WWE Tryout the week of our “Biggest Show of the Year” LoneStar 2. So she asked if she could take that weekend off from working with us (which ofcourse, I was okay with because what a year she has had, but she ended up working Gino that weekend anyways) but we needed to get the Championship on that show one way or another.

This was pretty close to a full circle moment we have had here at New Texas Pro, as Rok-C’s first scheduled match was against Hyan in Abilene on 3/28/19.

She ended up wrestling Thunder Rosa in a match for a show that popped up in San Marcos earlier that month, but this was one of the matches Rok-C initially asked me for when we first started booking her. Fast forward to today, these two are great friends, and Hyan has served as a mentor for Rok-C in her career and has helped her in many facets of her game, especially early on.

And these two delivered in a major way, two incredible foils for each other, and two people who work incredibly hard and respect the business, which shows in their craft. Hyan might possibly be the most underrated talent in all of professional wrestling because the things she does to lead in a ring. The embrace at the end of the match shows you exactly how much respect both of these two have for each other AND IF this was the final Women’s match that Rok-C has with us, its an incredible way to close out a great chapter of her career at New Texas.

#2 Davey richards vs Bryan Keith

7/31/21 – Houston – Texas Indie Showcase

How special was this one. Initially, I was planning to run the rematch between Mysterious Q vs Bryan Keith from the month before. However, we wanted to let that rematch build, and Q ended up having a date with another company in New York (first time he’s ever been flown out in his career). When we had seen that Davey Richards had returned to wrestling full time, he was on the very top of guys I wanted to book, and this match just came together as if it was meant to be.

No question, Davey Richards is an absolute legend in this business. The way he approaches Pro Wrestling is unmatched. The level he competes on is next level. And seeing him wrestle in person was seriously a sight to behold, and nothing truly does justice to DR’s work until you’re able to witness it in person. I couldn’t say enough good things about him.

The wild thing about this whole story, is that Bryan Keith’s first ever experience in Wrestling was at a Davey Richard’s Seminar at Texas All-Star Wrestling in 2008. I had no idea about any of this, as I booked the match based on the idea that both of these guys are incredible and seem to have a similar mindset and approach to the game.

This was a cool full circle moment for BK’s career, and what can you say about the match. Insane how great it is. This match has been featured on many people’s Match of the Year lists across the nation. The first time we have really got any notoriety on that level. BK’s first title defense in his hometown of Houston. This could be number 1 on people’s list and again rightfully so, just go watch it if you haven’t, it is what I believe Professional Wrestling to be.

#1 Mysterious Q vs Bryan Keith

6/26/21 – Houston – Boesch

This was billed as the #TexasSuperFight, and was something we had built towards for months. Mysterious Q had been champion for 644 Days, dominant in his reign, with big wins over countless names stateside and even nationally. Once Q won the title, the company was put on Q’s shoulders and we both grew together. He took us into 2021, and delivered in a major way show which helped propel us to where we are today.

Bryan Keith was red hot at this time, finally getting his due as the great wrestler that he is, and was undefeated in 2021. You couldn’t have booked two bigger opponents for each other at this time in Texas, and you could feel it in the building that night. Big Match Feel. It was the perfect match at the right place, at the right time.

And damn did the match deliver, “This is awesome” chants before the match even began. From trading haymakers to start off all the way to the Gonso bomb that ended the match, you could feel the electricity, urgency and importance of the biggest main event in our history. This one will stand the test of time. One day hopefully Q and BK are signed somewhere making major money, and people can look back at this matchup as a turning point for New Texas and each of these men’s career. This match is what New Texas Pro Wrestling is all about.

Again, Thank You for checking out the site and the blog, and don’t be afraid to send me some feedback.

Take Care,



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